Sustainable Packaging

The vast majority of our outbound packaging is now 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. This has eliminated over 14 tonnes of single use plastic annually.

Our boxes are 100% recycled, our void fill is 100% recycled paper and the gum tape means the complete package is recyclable (please do recycle or reuse) and biodegradable.

Some orders may need additional protection, so plastic bubble wrap may be used, larger items may still be delivered in a recycled plastic bag. Often the individual products are delivered to us in plastic bags (we are working on these), so these will more than likely arrive inside our sustainable packaging.

Open your package carefully; if you need to return an item you can use it again. Please try and reuse your packaging, if not please recycle – if for whatever reason you can’t most of our packaging will biodegrade.

We are working hard to battle the marine plastic crisis – join us and do your bit too!